Colonoscopy News

I had my first colonoscopy since my original cancer diagnosis last week and they found a polyp, but it was removed and determined to be non-cancerous.  Thank God! 🙂    I have to say that I was really sweating this one and the week prior to the exam I was a basket-case, and with my Dad passing a few weeks ago as well, it’s been a stressfull time for sure.

I met with my oncologist, Dr. Huff, after my colonoscopy  and asked if my survial odds have increased, and he said unfortunately they haven’t.  Primarily because I terminated my second round of chemo (about a year ago) because it was making me extremely sick and he felt (and I agreed) that it was doing me more harm than good at the time.   I know my odds aren’t that great to make it to my 5-year anniversary, but they’re just numbers, and numbers don’t take in personal strength and fortitude.

He said making my two-year anniversary is huge (June 20th)  because cancer comes back in the first 18-months to two years in 75% of patients.  He also said to be cautiously optimistic for now, but understand that my DNA has changed forever and that I’ll living with cancer the rest of my life.

Overall I’m feeling better and gaining weight (I’m wearing my “fat” pants now 🙂 ) but Dr. Anderson I could start my diet and start losing weight, which I’m looking forward to.

Thanks again to everyone for the email and comments here, I really do appreciate them.


P.S. The picture below is from my Dad’s memorial service a few weeks ago.


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Some Positive News

Last Friday I had my quarterly ct scan, and the results came back negative, as far as detecting cancer.  And today I had my first colonoscopy since my cancer diagnosis almost two years ago.  Thankfully, the doctor only had to remove one polyp and it doesn’t appear to be cancerous.  I’ll get the results next week.

Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers everyone!  I really appreciate it!


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Some Sad News

My Dad died yesterday of lung cancer, while at home about 5:30 in the morning.  We had spent Friday with him and he was quite lucid most of the time, but you could see he was having some difficult times as well.  He was diagnosed about two months, so he didn’t suffer too long, and actually told us Friday he wasn’t have much pain at all.  Thank God.  Please say a prayer for Mom.

As for me, I’m getting stronger and gaining weight.  I’m still having rectal pain, but I have to live with it and learn how to manage it as best I can.  I have my quarterly CT scan this month to see if the cancer has spread, so wish me luck!


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I had my quarterly CT Scan a week ago last Friday, and I met with Dr. Huff (my oncologist) last Friday to discuss the results.  The scan came back clear, my bloodwork was good, and my tumor markers were clear, all great news!  He said I have two major hurdles to clear yet.  The first is to get to my 2-year anniversary without cancer coming back.  However, he also said the odds are 60% that I’ll get some form of cancer again between now and then, but the key is to catch it early.  The second hurdle is my 5-year anniversary and if I make it to that, then I’ll have a clean bill of health and will be considered cancer-free.

I also met with Dr. Anderson (my surgeon) today for a checkup and we talked at length about my rectal pain again.  It’s still occurring on a daily basis and in fact my family doctor (Dr. Bodman) has me trying a different medication to help with easing the spasms.

‘Till next time!


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Slowly Making Progress

Just a quick update.  The healing continues from my surgery, although most of the pain I’m experiencing is the rectal pain during/after a BM.  At times I get impatient that I’m not healing faster, but I do realize that it’s just going to take time.  I have my next CT scan next month to see if the cancer has spread, so wish me luck!


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Had A Scare Last Weekend

We had a pretty good scare Saturday evening.   Marcia was reading a magazine and all of a sudden, she started seeing flashes and lightning bolts in front of her left eye, and her right eye became real blurry, and she couldn’t focus with her eyes.  I told her to go lay down in the bedroom, which she did, but wanted to watch t.v.. When she pulled up the screen for the tv show info, she couldn’t read the words on the screen and say them.   She started trying read like she was 5-year old kid, and she couldn’t form complete sentences when you asked her questions.  This really freaked me out so I took her to the emergency room.  They got her in right away and ran a EKG to check her heart, and initially they said the top part of her heart was beating faster than the bottom part so they were concerned.

They then took us back to a private room where they put her on oxygen, and hooked up some monitors and we waited for the doctor to come in.   Also, by this time, she was starting to feel better and was answering the nurses questions normally again.  The doctor finally came in and said he wanted to do a CAT scan, x-ray, and blood work, to see if she had a tumor in the brain, or if she had a stroke.   Within an hour they did the x-ray, and then came and got  her for the CT scan.  We now had to wait for the results to find out what was going on.  Finally, the doctor came back in and said the CT scan was negative, the x-ray was negative, and the blood work was normal, and diagnosed her with what he called a complex migrane.  The symptoms are very similar to what someone goes through with a stroke and it’s very scary to watch.  He gave her a prescription for Emetrex (sp) which would help with the side-effects if it starts happening again.  We got there at 6:30 and finally left around 11:40 Saturday night, very relieved.

She talked to her primary care doctor on Sunday and he’s going to give her a complete physical this week and take her off her estrogen meds because they have a potential side effect of causing blood clots, which can lead to strokes.  By the time we got home, she was back to normal and Sunday, she was a little tired, but feeling like her old self.  I can’t stress enough how scary this was to all of us.  The kids were freaking out in the waiting room because they were convinced she’d had a stroke.  They did get a chance to come back and see her finally around 10:00 and could see she was feeling better, so we sent them home and I told them I’d call them when we got home. Definitely a stressful weekend.

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Reality Set In

I thought I’d be ready to go back to work last week, but reality set in and so did the pain.  I have to re-train my bowels how to function again and it’s been extremely painful.  So much so, I spent most of this past week in bed everyday.  We saw the surgeon on Thursday for a post-op checkup and he said my symptoms and pain are normal and that it will take a while for my bowels to start acting normal.

I’m going to try and go back to work on Monday and I’ll see how it goes.


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Surgery Update

Thanks for all the cards, emails, phone calls and letters everyone! Surgery went very well and I was back home 8 days after surgery. I really tried to push myself this time and I was up and walking the next morning and was walking between 10 and 12 times per day before I left.

It’s great not to have my colostomy bag any longer but I’m re-training my bowels how to work again and it’s been interesting and painful to say the least. Everyday I’m getting stronger and I should be back to work next week.


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Surgery Tomorow

Tomorrow I have my colostomy-reversal surgery at Penrose Community hospital.  I’m somewhat anxious about it because of the issues I had last year after my colon-resection, but like Marcia says, this is the beginning of a new chapter.

I stopped my chemo treatments back in April and I’ve been getting stronger every day since then.  I forgot what it was to feel decent and it’s been enjoyable.  I had a PET scan a couple of weeks ago and it came negative for cancer so that was great news!

Thanks again for all the emails, cards, and prayers.  I really do appreciate it!


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A Quick Update

My apology for not updating the blog for a long time.  I met with my oncologist a couple of weeks ago and he’s decided to terminate my chemo treatments 3 months early.  I had a about with diverticulitis that lasted three weeks, which was quite painful to deal with.  It was also the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as my oncologist was concerned and he felt the chemo was doing me more harm than good.

My tumor markers have been clear, so that’s a good thing.  Up next for me is my colostomy-reversal surgery, which is scheduled for late June at this point.  I’ll also be having CT scans every three months for a year, and and then every six months after that, assuming the cancer hasn’t spread.

I want to say thanks again for all the support, emails, and cards.  They mean everything to me.


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